Slant is Awesome!

To the founders of Slant and everyone else who comes here,

I sent an e-mail to the founders but not sure they would even get to read it, they probably get a thousand emails per hour!

Anyway, this is what I wanted to say: It’s been awhile since I’ve fallen in love with a website from a first sight, and yours is the one! I absolutely love it!
Brilliant idea and excellent execution: clean, fast, convenient, community driven!

I’m your newest fan and just wanted to give a shout and say how much I appreciate your work!

I’ve already shared it with everyone on my twitter and Facebook!

Keep up the great work at making the internet a more resourceful place.


Hi there! Thank you for all the nice compliments, it’s nice to have one’s work appreciated!

On top of that, we’re very glad that you liked Slant and find it useful. That’s what keeps us going: getting useful and important information to the users, and communicate it the cleanest and most effective way possible.

Thank you for your trust and for sharing our platform. I hope to keep seeing you around!


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