Reviving old topics on meta

Just a basic question for old topics in meta.slant. I’ve done a little reading on some older topics and discussions here on meta side of slant and found some interesting points that were raised and there were certain parts that I wanted to post a reply to, but didn’t know if it was a closed or rather resolved topic. Also, I notice that there are a lot of older topics, I basically was wondering how you guys manage them as far as purposely keeping them all “live” or open for further discussion, as an example. Not sure if this is another Discourse question in particular or something more specific to meta.slant.

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The newer discourse versions have something very nice to handle this kind of thing. Look at this for instance:

So I’d say with discourse it’s okay and encouraged to go wild, don’t worry. Moderation tools are in place to contain trolls. The rest is just incentivizing a community as open as possible.

Also, if you want to change the topic or go off topic, do consider using the Reply as new topic feature instead. Simply move your mouse over the post and it will appear on the right side. :wink:

We generally keep all topics open and don’t really mark them in any way as to not limit discussion. I guess we could start locking bug threads when they get resolved to make things a bit more cleaner.

@zipcode Are there any other things that you found confusing in meta?

@thekodols No thanks. Things have been becoming more clearer recently. I will ask, however, whenever something does come across my mind that I can’t think of at the moment. Lately, I have been doing more reading and following both Slant and meta.slant, while leaving out adding new posts for the time being. It’s been working out good :smile: