Allow "Null" answers

The answer to some questions may be one which is implicitly dismissed; e.g. “What’s the best JavaScript MV framework”, the answer none is an incorrect but valid answer. i.e. “None” is not a framework, but the absence of one, so is it a valid answer? This is similar to debates about listing atheism as a religion. To avoid such debates, having an option to mark “null answers” as such allows these to be provided without risking debate wars* around their validity.
(*Thankfully Slant has a great community, thus has so far has not succumbed to such).

This really makes no sense to me. Listing “None” to me simply means that it’s not a valid question. If you have lots of answers all with the same # of votes then this means “none” in a way no?

If there really isn’t an answer this should come up in question comments. You can then close the question, or if there is a way to do it close it with a “closed because of …” ie “because of not answerable because there doesn’t exist an MV in JS because of the way it is made”.

What about something like “Best multi-platform mobile development framework?”. If the vast majority of developers recommend not using any of them, and can provide pros and cons to why, is that not useful information and a valid option for someone making that choice?

I think they are valid/helpful answers, but I question the need for “tagging” these types of answers. In a way it gives them more importance by “being different.”

None can be an option but still have the question be valid. Since everyone has different preferences and requirements, for some people the question might not be valid to them, but is valid to others. Unless there’s some specific reason the format doesn’t work well for them I think they can be left alone.

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