Versus Search; search based on answers

When searching for the best package manager, I may not be familiar that “package manager” is the term for that type of software. However I may have come across a few examples in my investigations and want to see a comparison. As such, searching for chocolatey and ninite may be a good way to find questions where these are the answers. That works today.

However, this could be extended via advanced search (or using specific syntax in the regular search) such that searching chocolatey vs ninite brings up all questions to which both are listed as answers; additional vs can be added to further limit search. The key difference here (compared to the current standard search) is the versus search ensures those products/items are answers; not just terms mentioned somewhere in the text.

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I like the idea. I’d like to see search expanded on in general by adding some operators, wildcards, synonyms, filters, autocomplete and catching my typos.

I’m also wondering if search can figure out what system I’m on (Win, OSX, Linux) and prioritize those results?

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