Users flagging content

Maybe the users should be able to flag the content with flags such as: needs improvement, opinion, citation/source needed, speculative, suggest question merge, question related to, could be worded better, question vague, spam, inappropriate content, etc.?

It might help with finding content that is either wildly in need to editing or something that the users can’t do, like merging questions? It might also help with related questions being more appropriate.

Some of those could be done automatically, like needs sources, or needs more reasons. I’d like to be able to incorporate those help improve this content into the design. One idea we had was a todo list, or having those notices in place in the content saying what needs to be done to improve the content.

I like the idea of potentially including user provided flags along with the automatically appearing ones.

What are your thoughts on having context sensitive notices so if there are no citations, where the citations normally go it might say something like “This pro could be improved with citations, add citation”.

Oh, I think it’s an excellent idea. It would allow for incremental guidance of how to not only add, but what to add and in what way.

‘Add a pro’ view could have a balloon or something next to the form with bullet-points:

- Add a title
- Give a short, simple explanation

  • Add a source. Sources give credibility.

And so on. Yes, I see this could help out a lot.