Subjective pros & cons

I’ve noticed some pros/cons added are highly subjective.

Eg: Ugly Interface, or Not Intuitive, sometimes linking to a Blog/Opinion-Piece as a reference.

Buggy/Unstable - with no reference to any bugs (link to a bug ticket for eg).

Is this reasonable? or do we rely on people not voting on those pros/cons to filter out ones which not many people agree with?

Hey Campbell,

Because the content on Slant is written in the form of Pros and Cons, they can be subjective or objective. Voting a Pro or Con up is what determines its quality. Unfortunately, when a Pro or Con doesn’t have many votes, there’s potential for it to show up on top of the list. We want to have a more professional tone than “Ugly interface” and soon will allow users to flag content as needing references or more details.

Does this make sense or do you think that it requires something else to show that some Pros or Cons are more or less subjective?

Thanks for the reply, it makes sense and probably a good way to handle it (instead of adding more buttons/options) for now.

Although it may be highly subjective, i think many people actually care, (of course it all depends on what the subject is about, for example, an unintuitive layout can be extremely relevant, (that goes without saying that some may be way to subjective)) But more often than not i find it is based on something/experience of the user, its just that he has not found a suitable/organized way of saying it. (Lol if course answering this question is probably also very subjective;)

Note it’l be hard to avoid, as most everyone has an opinion based on what they use the software for, or bad, good, surprises they got using the software that pushes them to ignore other bad or good, there experience with different software, different operating systems, and the list could go on and on!