Slant Feature Roadmap

See the following board for what the Slant team are working on.

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Hey Stuart,

Got a few questions in regards to the Trello Board Roadmap. I’ll start off with a more obvious or rhetorical question, Trello is strictly meant for the actual devs and the rest of team for Slant, regarding any sort of editing permissions (comments or suggestions) and is shown for Meta Slant users for reading and reference purposes, correct? Whereas the meta site is for people interested in its development and overall planning of the main site to add comments and suggestions for example. Also, is it used for aggregating postings that are done from either of the Slant sites, such as using an automated app like IFTTT?

The reason why I’m asking is to know more about where to post specific questions, for example posting to the meta site. Since I’ve joined the site, I have thought of several ideas / questions for the site’s development (design, features, seo, etc, structure, random suggestions, etc) but unsure of the ideal place to post. I notice that the meta topics are nicely organized as opposed to having an endless list of topics which can end up making the Meta site’s purpose less useful than it was meant to be. So, I’ve been reluctant to add new topics or posting them on an existing topic, also so I can stick to the guideline Keep Tidy

Is there some specific documentation that addresses these specific questions that I have missed to find and read? If not, can you please explain briefly on how and where I can post such topics?

While were on the topic, I just wanted to say thanks to you (@Stuart) for your help with helping me understand the site and guiding me how to use and where to post.

Also wanted to say thanks to @thermoplastics for pointing out my mistake for:

Lastly, thanks to @thekodols for the feedback on my comment for adding Slant to the Wikipedia article Comparison of Q&A sites


Yep! I use the conversations in meta to guide the roadmap shown in Trello.

Nope. Not sure how that would work.

Feel free to create as many topics here on Meta asking questions as you like :slight_smile:

My pleasure mate, thank you for contributing.

Thanks for the in-depth and-to the-point replies, I must admit I wish and hope to have the same ability to write in that manner. It is something I have been paying much more attention to as in my own self improving skills in writing. Sorry, I’m all numbers and math, or rather, the universal language.

I just wanted to quickly comment to the IFTTT part, as it’s something of interest of mine personally and input on how it can be utilized further than what it is more commonly used for as I believe (given it’s name for a hint, perhaps) it is meant to be used for several purposes, which can involve all types of users. Leaving aside the main usage its being used as of now, I don’t see it being utilized for things such as project management purposes or development collaboration for example.

Specific to my question, my understanding was that you understand exactly what I meant as for the intention of integrating IFTTT and for the purpose I mentioned. If so, and if you are curious to knowing how it can work, can you please specify whether that was a question meant for how it can work to benefit the purpose intended or simply how it could be integrated? I can see how both of those reasons for your question can be applicable if not both all together.

Yeah I’m actually not following on how you’d like us to use IFTTT. Could you walk me through a use-case?

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Absolutely but I need a couple days as I’m crammed and behind on my projects for work. Plus, I feel this would require a more thought out example rather than what I have in mind at the moment as well as skip the obvious that I assume most people already know about how it can relate in the most simplest ways. Also, I am not too familiar with Trello so it’s something I would like to read a bit more on it’s structure before I can provide a useful use-case.
Just to give an idea for starters, is my idea for IFTTT integration would include having to create a customized recipe and probably request for new channels to have it work. Hope that last part helps shed any light and sorry for the delay.