Simplifying contributions

Put together a quick mock-up.

  • The black border denotes a tab. For switching between pro/con.
  • I think this makes the form less daunting and shows that adding “extras” to it is not mandatory.
  • De-emphasizes use of images and shows that a URL is required and that it can be a YT video as well.
  • Clicking grey buttons should probably js a form field instead of a pop-up.
  • Clicking submit should js the item above the form and allow quickly adding the next p/c
  • Form fields for not only title and description, but grey buttons could be re-used for inline edits as well

Not sold on the “add specs” being associated with the pro/con level editing flow. The current UX for displaying added sources/images needs a re-think with that UI too. But yes, I like the in-line contribution flow.

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Thoughts on displaying both images and sources in the tabbed “source” box? Image/video if added to a p/c is essentially a source. Would even cover gallery view use-case.

That’s fair. My main concern and the reason I added that is about having two ways to enter data (p/c’s and spec tables). It could be “link specs” if spec data is entered in another way.

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If we do go ahead with comments at the bottom of option view, it could be 3 tabs - comment, add pro, add con. With comment pre-selected.

In the same manner at the bottom of summary view it could be - comment, add option. Again with comment selected by default.

And we already have edit, comments and history in tabs in p/c level. If in future it’s in-line edited, could it show in-line comments and history as well?