Simplifying comments


I think, simply guessing here, what [@Stuart]1] meant by Too weird/hard, is from the little of what I’ve seen about Discourse, is simply meaning that Discourse seems to have quite a set of rules and restrictions for using their software, but not to mean that it’s not something that it’s anything impossible to do. But I don’t think the work for doing it wouldn’t provide enough value to the comments part would be enough to justify it (work to doing this change).

Another thought I feel can be helpful, is that I like how is very much custom to it’s own thing and should fully remain that way. Also about the comments, I also found it a bit confusing at first myself, but now that I understand it’s use, purpose, and why for where it’s placed is perfect. I wouldn’t want it to be changed in any way i can think of to simple improve it. However, I am always open to hear more about it and curious to hear what can be proposed in this specific topic of the comments system.


But why would that be so important? Wouldn’t it be better to have comments separated anyway?

I would just move all categories from meta.slant into subcategories inside a new meta category. And rename it to or something.


It’s just a bad UX in many use-cases. No-one expects a subset of a site to work differently than the rest. Comments are already integrated into Slant in so many ways including the flagging system, it honestly makes very little sense to split them out into discourse. Agreed with the rest of your ideas @Cawas but not this one :smiley:


Coool! :slight_smile:

I’ll take that.


@StuartK, nicely put and explained in how Discourse stores data and how it conflicts with Slant’s commenting design. Thanks for simplifying that up :smile:

By the way, what is the latest on the design for the commenting system, specifically in how it differs from the current one?