See all questions in categories and add sorting options

I notice that whenever landing on any category page that there is no option to see all asked questions. In a lot of categories having the default be “recommendations” shows quite a lot of repeated questions, just with different options showing. For a new user I feel this may be confusing and is just wasting space that could be showing off more important topics.

For me I would love to see the default landing be an option such as “All Questions” instead of “recommendations”. The other two selections would stay as well so there would be three total.

The All Questions category would also be even more useful if it had a way to sort by submitted date “newest/oldest” and maybe a way to recommend on the questions themselves (just like on the “options” inside of a question) and have a way to sort to most/least recommended. The sorting options could even be utilized in the questions as well, in allowing the users to sort the “options” form newest/oldest, most/least recommended.

We’re building this as I speak!