Question description box

Ideas for things that the question description box should do:

  • Explain subject matter and how it can benefit
  • Explain what fits the question and what doesn’t
  • Explain what are the base assumptions
  • Explain what criteria should be taken into consideration when picking the best option
  • Have links to other questions
  • Have a misc free-form section for unforeseen usecases

Theo suggested having multiple forms each with their own clearly defined purpose that are then compiled into the description box.

P.S. Also if there is to be a title for the box, I still vote “How to make an informed decision:” as it describes the intent of the site, catches the eye and describes the section.

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If we’re voting on titles, my vote is “Things to consider:”

I kind of feel as though “How to make an informed decision:” has an almost demeaning tone to it, especially if it will be on every single question, to be read time and time again. “Things to consider:” does feel a bit softer.

Personally I am still a fan of “Question Notes:” but maybe it is just too generic or not grabby enough.

It will be good to only have this all as optional to be used only when needed but it would also be nice to see that 1 or 2 out of 5 will be able to be used if that is all that is needed. Basically have every single box be optional that way it stays flexible.

It’s important to remember the purpose of Slant, which is to be a resource for eliminating lemons and promoting great products. I don’t have any more specific suggestions, but whatever the outcome is, it should be as true as possible to this cause. We’re already on the right track, but we should keep the site-wide purpose in mind so we can be as consistent as possible towards this specific cause instead of moving towards being a site that tries to provide all things to all people.

With the purpose of Slant in mind, one direction we could go with the box is helping people be technologically literate. An index describing vocabulary terms used in the questions might help people be more literate when they are making a decision. For headphone/earphone questions, we could describe things like impedance, ohms, frequency range, etc. so people actually know what they are reading about and why it matters. Hopefully this can help eliminate some confusion (especially for older consumers) and make the playing field a little bit more level.

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