Product Updates on Slant

Hey all! Slant founder here just chiming in with what we’re currently working on!

Last week we shipped “excellent” badges on products as well as a total rework of our ranking algorithms. We can’t give out the secret sauce but you should find the rankings a lot more accurate now.

The badges are designed to call out products that are reliably highly recommended by the community, so you know what options you should consider and which aren’t likely the best.

The big future project is a re-work of how contributing works on Slant. Our structured “pros/cons” is one of the best things about Slant, but it lacks that bit of human experience that comments/reviews/answers usually convey. To help people communicate more context behind their recommendations we’re allowing you to add something akin to a testimonial to your rec that you can write in any style or form you like!

Looking forward to showing you all the latest Slant improvements!