More options or more detail to start with?

When providing options/answers, would you prefer fewer but more detailed answers, or more options so the detail can be added later?

(Original question by @johnlbevan

Personally I would prefer to see a question with the 1-2 most likely contenders well filled out by someone knowledgeable about them over a huge list of options with no detail. I can see the merits with both approaches though, I think it really depends on the particular question and contributor. If you’re a subject-matter-expert, do 1-2 of the options you know a lot about. If you’re just trying to help out by being an awesome person and don’t really know much details about the options, maybe just list out the ones you’re aware of.

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Personally if I don’t have something good to say about something I don’t see a reason to post it. I think the site provides greater value listing details about options than listing all the available options.

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Agreed. And I think the karma system we design should reflect that. Did you have any ideas about the karma thread here (How should the Karma system be designed? ) @hethegreat?