Moderation tools/system

I see the moderation tools expanding on what Slant already has or has planned.

Notification page

If the current notification page is expanded to include not only the personal feed, but an overall Slant-wide activity feed + moderator options, it would create a single place for all updates and things to keep track of.

I see four parts:

  1. Your feed.
    As is.
  2. Activity feed.
  • As is +
  • Show what/how many flags a question has.
  • If/how many pending edits a question has.
  • Question stats/graph - view %change over time, view source (SEO, local, referral), etc.
  1. Flagged & pending content. Visible only to mods.
  • Aggregate all flagged content as issues that can be “closed” by mods.
  • Aggregate edited content for locked questions that can be “accepted” by mods.
  1. Stats/Analytics. Visible only to mods.
  • Google Analytics integration maybe?
  • See most watched questions


  • UI solutions for editing questions, moving contributions to discussion for useful content in the wrong place (“review” use-case).
  • Send a notification to user when and why his contribution has been moved/deleted/edited(?).
  • How many people are watching a question (or total affected / would get notified) at summary page
  • See question author at summary page
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