Merge duplicate topics

I’ve read Ability to request topic deletion and since there is no flagging option yet, I’ll post the dupes here: (I’ve contributed heavily to this one)

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We’re on it! Thanks dan.

I see 2615 as a subset of 1490. 2615 includes just JS client-side error tracking services whereas 1490 includes non-js tracking (Crittercism & BugSense are for mobile apps, for example) and potentially could include self-hosted tools.

Though there’s a question of whether 1490 is useful in its current form - whether it’s useful comparing mobile app tools against webapp tools even if they’re in the same product category.

I went through both of those questions and I agree with @dandv that most of 1490 is a duplicate of 2615. But contains some options related to mobile app bug tracking which is misleading IMO since that cannot be considered client-side development.

Maybe if 1490’s wording was different, to include all bug tracking tools, or only for mobile ones it would be better IMO.