Listen to this!

Have a favorite song/band? Let’s hear it!

It has been playing since yesterday. Haha. I love the drum parts!

Plus the bass player looks a bit like Stuart. So there’s that.

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I like all their cover videos. So here’s the channel:

Another shameless plug of an acoustic version of our original song called Awit ng Pagibig or “The Song of Love” in English. :smiley: It’s about infatuation and the joys of young love.Hahaha
It’s in Filipino but I hope you still enjoy the melody and music itself. Hehe

Hello, it’s me. Again.

Check out Childish Gambino:

I present to you, one of the most uplifting covers ever!

This guy busks in Glasgow pretty often, I can’t help but stop and listen to him every time he’s out.

Another one from him with a pretty different sound.