Is Tape Backup Really Your Best Solution Nigeria phone number database

With the recent advances in backup technology Nigeria phone number database , there is an alternative to the common tape backup systems that can contain many hidden risks and dangers. Several organizations have reported that a large percentage of tape backup jobs contain errors and many more do not even test the restore function of their backups on a regular basis. For those that do, they are often shocked to Nigeria phone number database find that their disaster recovery capabilities are severely compromised. As such, most experts agree that tape is quickly becoming an inferior media for backing up data. Furthermore, this approach requires significant manual intervention in addition to the need to be physically moved offsite. In many cases, this means the IT person actually takes the backup tape home Nigeria phone number database.

Organizations that are Nigeria phone number database truly concerned about their data are rapidly evaluating alternative solutions. Increasingly, organizations are looking at Online Backup Services from third-party providers. In much the same way that Storage Area Networks ( Nigeria phone number database SAN) are replacing file servers, online backup is making tape backup obsolete. The reasons include a significant drop in disk Nigeria phone number database storage costs, a substantial increase in bandwidth speeds as well as dramatically improved security and recovery capabilities. However, the real benefit of online storage is the flexibility to Nigeria phone number database automatically backup your data securely to an offsite Data Center and provide your end-users with immediate access to files that need to be recovered. Even a file as small as a single email can be quickly and securely recovered. Now, contrast this with a tape backup approach in which end-users may need to wait hours or days to find and recover a single email. When you need to recover an email, which approach would you prefer?