Hello from Scotland!

I’m the first to create an intro post, how exciting!
…Admittedly it would be more exciting if I wasn’t the one who created the intro category.

I’m Laura, one of the community team members on Slant. I’m a Canadian who moved to Scotland to avoid both sunburns and snow (success!). I now spend most of my free time wandering around in awe of old architecture, or heading out into the country to camp and walk up really big hills. My recent accomplishment is a 96 mile walk through the highlands (West Highland Way). Highly recommend!

I look forward to chatting with everyone!

Im Scott, also from Canada. Vancouver. And still live here.

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Hiya Scott!
I still haven’t been out West I’m ashamed to say. As much as I’d love to explore more of my own country, it was always cheaper to fly to other countries than it was across Canada, so I never did. One day though!

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