Growth marketing to grow slant

The point is bringing more people into slant. Idea based on this:

I’d say the wording isn’t very well chosen and there are too many distracting images and ads on that page but, I think the core idea could be applied here. Ideally we’d be able to convert this into a feature, somehow, although I’ve got no clue if it’d be even possible.

Here’s an edited quote from it:

Come up with a great question that relates to your niche that you want answered by the experts.
Find 50 top experts in your niche and ask them the question. 32 experts respond with an answer.
Compile the 32 answers into a blog post and publish it.
How does this differ from providing your own answer? Simple. Instead of just having you to promote it, now have 32 experts to promote it for you.

On a second thought, just now I’ve started considering start writing something to automate this… What you guys think?

We’ve done this sporadically. How would you automate the identification of the experts?


Hearing the term crowd-source is immediately a fear that comes to mind for a quality site like this, but I think of a couple ways that it can be beneficial in 1 or 2 ways, only if utilized in a precise and correct way. Also what I got out from reading that article you shared, I had some questions about it and concerns for it, however I think @StuartK nicely summed my own thoughts into 1 question which I prefer to use as a question of mine as well, rather than just saying out mine. This will avoid any kind of redundancy or confusing the real question,

Im interesteed to follow how this gets discussed,

With Artificial Intelligence. I’m just an enthusiast, but it shouldn’t be impossible. Inspired by this video found on 9gag:

I believe it would have to be trained through simulations and moderation, to find the experts. Unless I can find a free one already matured. Using google and whatever other searching API there is. The rest of the process is slant in itself.