Getting immeadiate feedback

We’re missing some form of immediate positive feedback when someone makes useful edits, adds options/pros/cons/sources, flags something, etc.

Killing a creep in dota informs via +gold pop-up and audio that the action was rewarded. It’s a little instant hit of dopamine. We should have something similar.


I really like this idea. Positive reinforcement that is extremely interactive. To actually make it fun to contribute, to have rewards and goals set that users can strive towards. To make it a bit of a game. Frankly I can’t think of any sites that do this, to have a big pop up that says “hey you did this thing great, here is some points, a badge, etc”. Kind of like on Android, when playing a game and you unlock achievements, there is a notification that pops up on the top screen. It gives a sense of reward and achievement, it is also something to collect.

There could even be rare badges of some kind that we can hold competitions for, a day of the most quality posts or most words typed, most fixed misspellings, things like that. It would definitely give us a space to engage and interact with the community as well, though it may be more of a down the road thing once the community is bigger.

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