Future changes to blog categories?

Hey I was wondering if there are any plans for adding / modifying the main site’s categories. I can only find old discussion posts related to this, so I’m not sure if this is a closed topic or not. Also, I tried looking at the Trello boards and didn’t see anything related to this question as well.

Here are my suggestions / questions for the categories on Slant. Please let me know if they have already been discussed or already been decided.

The category I think could be good to add would be graphic design.

The category for electronics sounds a bit broad to me. In the way it’s being used, it’s seems more like a peripheral category and is missing other electronic categories all together, such as AV.



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Agreed on Electronics being too broad. We’re actually about to re-work all the tags into a more subreddit-like system focused around communities. In that context it makes a lot of sense for a graphic design community on Slant or instead of electronic having a community for headphones etc.

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Or how how about gaming specific electronics / peripherals as it seems most of the questions are referring to that. Then create a hardware category for PC enthusiast / building, similar to like toms hardware in a sense. Although those 2 categories carry a lot of similarity, it can simply be separated by computer hardware in general, then peripherals. AV alone is a bit broad, as you have home and car, then that can follow with communities, audiophiles for example. Tech on both audio and video can cover a lot when you think about it. Dev too might be considered a bit broad as it can be divided into the various types of Dev, ie web Dev, software Dev, etc. Also I would personally like to see one specific to HCI / UI / UX. But again, you can see similar questions having similarities as HCI, etc can relate to Dev and graphic design.
I can brainstorm a bit more in depth on this. Is there something more specific to use for reference, such as on the Trello boards?

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Give me a week to get you the new way we’re organising communities on Slant :slight_smile: We’re fixing a lot of your complaints/ideas + will be better to get your feedback on the new version.