Complied list of complaints about the current community experience

Ok everyone. The time has finally come to properly re-design the community experience of Slant. Here is the things in the scope of this project:

Data syncing
External API data
Community structure (categories)
Account creation & management
Content Quality tracker “Needs improvement”

Things out of scope:

Question Navigation
Information ontology
Information display
Information consumption
Feed design

Lets use this thread to compile just the complaints about the current system (there will be a separate post for ideas). Have at it! Feel free to just paste the URL to existing meta posts.

  • Current comments are too complicated and spread out: Simplifying comments
  • Too much effort to add images, links, get it here URLS
  • Annoying keeping the same option up to date in multiple places Share items' pros/cons globally
  • It’s not clear if a question is activity being looked after by someone
  • There are no clear and separate communities on the site.
  • No immediate feedback or dopamine hits for contributing Getting immeadiate feedback
  • All the separate pages for the comments, edits, history creates a lot of cognitive load for contributing
  • There is very little guidance for how to contribute
  • Annoying to get to the add pro/con/option buttons on long questions Scrolling to add pro/con on option page
  • No way to merge questions or pros/cons
  • No way to direct message someone
  • No way to @mention someone in comments
  • No way to add someones experience/comment as a source
  • No way to say a source is useful to you
  • No way to initially order content
  • Editors look pretty daunting
  • No way to add content without creating an account
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  • Flagging at question level, or a way to show if the question is actually useful or not.
  • A way for users to set email based notifications along with the site wide notifications Email based notifications
  • Karma amount rework, as it is too high currently How should the Karma system be designed?
  • Notification icon does not always immediately go away, not sure if this is a problem with my browsers cache or the sites
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High-level priority issues

  • Everything requires lots of clicking and waiting for things to load

  • Amount of views creates cognitive complexity

  • Contributing is difficult

  • Engaging is difficult


  • No way to move/merge options

  • No way to contribute anonymously

  • Astroturfing is an issue

  • Open-endedness of contributing is part of what’s making the process daunting.

  • No public centralized place to look at all content issues

  • High-traffic situations create server issues



  • No PMs

  • No way to create communities around categories


  • No way to add custom tags

Activity & Notifications

  • Some form of notification to inform of deprecated questions, duplicates to be deleted, potentially astroturfed content, locked questions, etc

Profiles & Following

  • Aren’t that useful.

  • No way to show them off.


  • Editor is daunting and unclear

  • Editing lacks some sort of user guidance.

  • No way to add pros and cons at the same time

  • Requires clicking and waiting to load each time an edit has to be made

  • Don’t think slide-out will work on mobile. Plus, it’s less intuitive than in-line.

Content guidelines & policies

  • Need content guidelines and policies


  • There’s no way of discovering content starting at a high level and working your way down (1)

  • Can’t select multiple tags