Comments on Questions

Currently you can only comment on options; not questions.

Having the facility to comment on questions would allow you to ask for more info (e.g. on Best Asset Management I might ask if this is Digital Asset Management, Software/IT Asset Management, Enterprise Asset Management etc., and for information on company size, his budget, whether it needs to be cloud based, etc).

It would also allow a place to use as a scratch board; e.g. on the Best Snippets Manager question I created an option, Other to point to blogs on useful systems which I’ve had no experience with so can’t comment on. Putting that in the comments would allow the asker to go off and try some out, then add options for any they found to be of interest.


The main hurdle for topic level comments and descriptions is where in the UI to put it. We’re worried that having comments on all three levels of topic, option, and reason might be a bit confusing and cluttered. We need to come up with a clear interface to show that each level has its own comment board and make it less intimidating. It’s definitely a good feature we want to incorporate.

Agreed we need to be careful with the UI, but the use-cases @johnlbevan pointed out are things that are badly hurting us pretty much every day. The ability to refine questions is crucial, at the moment I usually manually email the contributor and try and have discussions that way.

How about something like this:

The question level comments/discussion wouldn’t show right at the bat, but could be accessible via either another tab (y) or, say, a balloon with a number inside next to the summary tab (z).

Then for answer level discussion the same balloon (x).

Or, alternatively, something like a directory tree / accordion if there are multiple suboptions (comments/history) ?

So that we can all leave comments in the constructive manner that all internet comments are made.

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