Avoid duplication

Maybe add any of the following features to avoid question duplication, like:

  • Add to the question workflow a “Is this your question?” section/page, which does a search with terms of the new question
  • Add to the question field an auto-complete for searching existing questions while the user type.
  • Remove “Ask question” button, and make the search field an “Ask or create a new question”, which does a search, and if no results are found, proposes to add a new question.

I know the user should always do a search before adding a question, but I learned this the hard way by creating another duplicate of “What are the best window managers for Linux?”, which will be fixed as soon as “Topic deletion” is enabled.

I like these ideas. It’s thanksgiving today, so I might be a little delayed but I’ll mock some of these up and lets figure out how to solve this issue. Thanks @sergiogjr