Autofilling pros

Within a question, many options have similar pros and cons. Many e-book readers have an e-ink display, so that pro is frequently added to the list. While the header, “Has e-ink display” is similar in each mention, the description of what an e-ink display and why it is beneficial is different for each option.

This lack of consistency causes variance in detail and quality. Some of the descriptions are awesome, others are half assed. This could cause a bias towards an option with identical features as the others.

If these duplicate fields were to be autofilled, it would save users a ton of time while producing consistency between options.

If this were to be implemented, how would it be determined which description of a commonly used pro would be used? Also, if the same pro descriptions were used over and over, could Google misinterpret it as an attempt at black hat SEO?

This sort of data will be in the soon-to-be-released spec table :slight_smile: