Add image - logo vs. screenshot vs. video

Sites & Software
The current trend seems to be screenshots.
Naturally I felt inclined to use logos, because nearly every logo has an square (1:1) icon/favicon.
These seems a perfect fit for the small thumbnails displayed in the Option list-view.

The current trends seems to be mostly screenshots and videos.
Again I naturally felt inclined to use the box artwork here for the small vertical rectangular fit.

This would be great for music albums are ever added too.

I’ve also added a Feature Suggestion, as the option for both would be great.

Hey Leo, welcome to Meta. :slight_smile:

The current thinking is that the header should have the most descriptive item. The one that gives the best sense of what the option is like in the real world. Videos usually convey the most information followed by screenshots and then logos. And since videos for software are less common, you mostly get screenshots there.

Rethinking how thumbnails work so they don’t get cropped in the list view when the header isn’t in 1:1 aspect ratio is on the to-do, but, yeah, it’s an issue currently.

I think we’re going to move to allowing multiple bits of media for each option with fields for logo, cover image, screenshots etc so we can use the right image in the right location.

Thank you :smiley:

Definitely agree currently with 1 image, convey the best information you can.

Trending with Twitter/Facebook/Google+/LinkedIn with the cover images are we :wink:
It might complicate and slow submission of constant a bit, for the extra prettiness its worth.
Just the thought of trying to find a nice res horizontal rectangular image for a software product or game… seems a little trivial to me!
Better for social profiles imo.

Thumbnail (logo/icon/box art) followed by more screenshots/videos - sounds good to me!