Feature Suggestions

Warn about navigating away from page with data entered (2)
Export data option (2)
Maybe we need tag-level descriptions (no, seriously) (2)
How to change the order of the options over time (9)
Search within a question (1)
Complied list of complaints about the current community experience (4)
Question description box (4)
Getting immeadiate feedback (2)
Improvement box incentives (1)
Improvement box language (1)
Discovering content: no way to start at a high level and work your way down (3)
More than one option for "get it here" (1)
Multiple images per pro (1)
Scrolling to add pro/con on option page (1)
Simplifying contributions (4)
Autofilling pros (2)
Merge questions (5)
Ability to request topic deletion (6)
Merging Options (3)
Avoid duplication (2)
See all questions in categories and add sorting options (2)
Grouped Questions (5)
Versus Search; search based on answers (2)
Keyword association (2)
Email based notifications (1)
How should the Karma system be designed? ( 2 ) (32)
Check for broken links / removed content (1)
Social Network Integration (1)
Markdown explanation / preview (1)
RSS for featured topics (1)