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Category definition for features (1)
Encouraging spec contributions (1)
What changes would you like to see to the digest emails? (1)
Product Updates on Slant (1)
Introduce Properties for Options (5)
Flagged content needs an expiration (1)
Consider adding a Neutral Option (2)
Localized version for other countries (1)
Spec tables, how they are implemented now and thoughts on making them better (16)
Share pros and cons between options (2)
Inivite only slant (3)
Add Amazon GetItHereButton for .co.uk links (2)
Could there be a way to ignore by tags? (2)
Filter username/votes page by tags (2)
Open source slant (6)
Select multiple tags (2)
Delete button. Or call for moderation (4)
2 Images per Topic: 1. Thumbnail (e.g. icon, logo, box art), 2. Images (e.g. screenshots, videos) (2)
Making sections for each pro or con (2)
Display the upvote arrow on comment pages (3)
Adding new questions that seem too broad or biased (3)
Fixing our data structure (7)
Feedback on a new editor for Slant (1)
Thank you System (8)
Ideas for contributor retention and engagement (5)
Future changes to blog categories? (4)
Share items' pros/cons globally ( 2 ) (25)
"Add image" should be "Add media" (2)
Comparisons should support tables, barely usable now (8)
Share option across questions (2)